Hoy en, gente que hace cosas raras… Devon Lévesque cascándose una maratón haciendo el oso, o mejor dicho, a cuatro patas. Es decir, 20 horas y 48 minutos agachando el lomo y a 2º C.

A ver como le explicas tú a los rastreadores que te contagiaste viendo a nota andando como un oso…

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Non Negotiables. “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must…”  Minimize the negotiations. When I set an objective, say I'm going to do something or commit to someone I leave zero room for for myself to step in and say otherwise. I speak it into existence, I write it down and if I can – I'd tell my worst enemy. I build accountability with myself by speaking the mission into the world. No matter how crazy, even it's to bear crawl a marathon. I know people didn't believe that I would or could do it, or worse wanted me to fail.  I've been bear crawling for the past 12 months every morning for hours. It was easy to make an excuse: I'm sore, it's cold, I'll do it later, tomorrow, can't do it today. If you look at a firefighter, he or she is preparing to be brave every single day. They expect to be brave. I needed to make my mindset so formidable that on the day of the bear crawl it could be snowing, 20 degrees, raining sideways and I wouldn't wince. I wanted to be so disciplined that I'd smile at that scenario. Practicing being mentally prepared and winning the daily battle with myself was how I prepared for 21 hours. I didn't let doubt creep in because I've been fighting that doubt every day for the past 365 days. You don't have to commit to bear crawling a marathon or something crazy. But resist comfort, skip the snooze, pass on the cookie before bed, apologize first, help someone else before yourself. Practice the values you want to be prepared for or the type of person you want to be in life. No Excuses.

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